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A new article from Entertainment Weekly has provided us with new stills from ZeroZeroZero which released this Friday March 6 on Amazon Prime. Dane answered questions about his role and the things he did for the character Chris.

DeHaan was also shocked by how much he learned about the drug trade’s power and reach.

“I certainly didn’t know much about cocaine trafficking before this, aside from reading an odd news article once a year about a shipment that had gotten taken by the DEA or something,” he says. “So to look at it through a global lens and realize its impact globally, it’s an incredibly eye-opening thing. Cocaine is everywhere; it’s a part of the world’s economy and everything that happens, and to take it out would crash the world’s economy. It’s never going to go away. It’s involved on such a global scale, and that’s why this story couldn’t be told without making it a global story. All these different locations and languages and actors from all over the world, it’s the only way to tell a truthful depiction on the cocaine trade.”

Because Chris is a person with hearing loss and a degenerative genetic disorder, DeHaan took extra care in bringing the character to life, which he says was “incredibly powerful to do it justice.”

“What was first described to me about the character was his illness — Huntington’s disease,” DeHaan says. “But what’s most exciting about the character to me is that his Huntington’s disease is really just a secondary obstacle in the way of everything else he’s dealing with. In the grand scheme of the show, there’s so much more happening, and the fact that he has this disease is just one of many, many obstacles. It’s cool that it’s not a show about Huntington’s disease — it’s a show about international cocaine trade, and my character just happens to have this disease.”

Since their father constantly kept Chris in the dark when it came to their family’s part in the cocaine trade due to his health issues (and because they had all seen Chris’ mother die from the same disease), Emma has taken up the job of becoming a leader and the heir to the Lynwood business — crimes and all. That meant molding herself into someone who could intimidate (often male) drug dealers and cartel leaders, which Riseborough says is where Emma’s physical look comes from.

And DeHaan laughs as he exclaims, “A lot happens!” He also teases that the action picks up as “viewers will start to realize everything that can be involved in shipping $60 million worth of cocaine, but also in some ways everything that can go wrong.”

“It’s incredibly exciting and unpredictable,” he continues. “It takes place all over the world — we got to shoot in Italy, Mexico, Senegal, Morocco, the United States. It really was this worldwide journey, and when you watch the show it has this grand scope. We took advantage of the locations, and it became worth it: It had this gritty, realistic quality, and that’s because it’s all real. There are some crazy action sequences, crazy things happen on a ship, on helicopters, explosions, chases, and all that stuff. There was rarely a dull day on set.”



Source: EW

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