April 15, 2021 marcie TV, Lisey's Story Comments Off on First look at Lisey’s Story

In the Apple TV+ series debuting June 4, King starts at the end of a romance, exploring where devotion took Lisey and Scott Landon—what it cost them and what it gave them. King being King, he weaves a stalker thriller and an otherworldly supernatural mystery into his heartfelt love story.

The show, based on his 2006 novel, stars Julianne Moore as the widow of a world-famous author (Clive Owen), who over the course of his turbulent life discovered a passageway into a parallel dimension that helped him tap uncanny creative energies. His secret was only shared with her, although she struggled to understand it when he was alive. Now that Scott has passed away, there are outsiders willing to do anything to gain access to the unpublished materials he left behind, even if it means destroying the woman who meant everything to him.

Dane plays Jim Dooley an obsessed fan, with his eyes at half-mast, and his voice a monotone, Dooley’s malignant intensity is evident to everyone who crosses his path—except for the erudite professor, who realizes too late what he has unleashed.



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