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Christian Anwander Flaunt 2013 (5)
Photographed by Christian Anwander

For a rising star with a year of upcoming releases, including Metallica Through the Never, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Life After Beth, and Kill Your Darlings, DeHaan remains pragmatic and grounded. For the past three years, he’s been filming on location and the hard work has paid off. He’s found that, through booking his roles simultaneously he has a great shot at not being typecast. “People are so quick to say, ‘This is what you do as an actor.’ No, actually, what I do as an actor is I act different parts. So if you saw me do one thing, and you thought I was good, maybe it’s not that I’m good at doing one thing, but I’m just good at being an actor.” He refers to his friend and co-star Daniel Radcliffe with sincere admiration for his ability to take leaps into cinema outside of Harry Potter. “He’s just in it for the right reason. I’m in it for the right reason.” This is the mantra to guide the talented actor through the gauntlet of disparate, and often troubled, personalities he plays.

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