December 7, 2016 marcie Fan Fiction Comments Off on Kidnapped BTS

When I first wrote this story it was mainly for fun. A friend of mine who likes to go by the name Adair well in the original story I wrote I switched her name to Amber as for Michelle that was originally my name but at the time of actually putting it out there for people I switched the names thinking it was just better than using our names and to be honest I am glad I did.

In the next upcoming chapter Dane takes a serious role in which Michelle has to help him with it. It will be sort of brutal for the things he makes her do so just a heed of warning. I am hoping to have this chapter come out by the weekend. Till then I hope you enjoy the new story I wrote called Memories Past cause you’re in for a shocker on that one when you find out there are actually multiple killers in the story.

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