January 21, 2014 marcie Dane News Comments Off on Dane DeHaan: BAFTA EE Rising Star Award interview

We caught up with him last week to get his reaction to the nomination, as well as talking Spider-Man, his James Dean biopic and Life After Beth…

Congrats on your BAFTA nomination. How did you find out you’d been nominated?

I was… I found out on Twitter. [laughs] I woke up and it’s later in London, so things had already happened there.

Crazy that we found out before you did…

Well, it’s a crazy world! I feel like I find out things via Twitter more often than you’d think.

What else have you found out on Twitter?

Awards, y’know. I found out I got nominated for a Gotham award on Twitter. I had gotten a text message from a friend that said, Congratulations. And I didn’t know what he was talking about. I went on Gotham and it was, like, You’ve been nominated for a Gotham award! I was like, Wow, that’s what he was talking about.

Source: Total Film

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