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Site News
February 14, 2024 marcie Site News Leave a Comment

With upgrades comes glitches, we have transferred over to our new home. There may be some glitches here and there. I’ll try and fix what I can. Since I have 15 sites if I miss anything you can let me know right now the fan fiction site is offline. I’m trying to get the main […]

Site Update
April 16, 2022 marcie Site News Comments Off on Site Update

Updated the awards section into a better format. You can now view that section here.

Latest Updates
April 11, 2022 marcie Site News Comments Off on Latest Updates

Deleted Magazine Interviews in the Dane section since most of the articles were dead links. I also installed a Press Library which will host assorted articles and interviews by year, right now we only have two articles for 2012. And I haven’t put any for 2022 yet.

New Layout
April 10, 2022 marcie Site News Comments Off on New Layout

Many thanks to Claudia from Never Enough Designs for making us a new layout and gallery layout. I was able to clear up some of the mess from other plugins and so forth and I finally cleared up my affiliates. There’s a new filmography script which displays better than the old one. I hope to […]

Site News
March 17, 2022 marcie Site News Comments Off on Site News

I’ve been looking at this site and I totally forgot I need to update all videos so while I convert them all to MP4 you can view our Youtube playlist. I also did a few photo uploads and those can be viewed in our gallery. On our flickr account I finally made albums to view […]

Gallery Notice
May 19, 2021 marcie Site News Comments Off on Gallery Notice

The gallery sometime very soon will be undergoing a change. Appearances will go by year and also some categories will be removed for simple organization. Also since we are the only Dane DeHaan fansite. I am thinking of adding back candids though still thinking on that one. I found a couple of photos I haven’t […]

New Photos Added
November 18, 2018 marcie Site News, Gallery Updates Comments Off on New Photos Added

I’ve added about 111 photos to the gallery from different events mostly from The Amazing Spiderman 2 and a couple from Valerian. I do plan on adding Screen Captures from Life, The Amazing Spiderman 2 and Tulip Fever. I am missing a few though but will work on those after I finish what I have. […]

New Email Update
June 29, 2018 marcie Site News Comments Off on New Email Update

I have a new email address and have added it to our contact form. Please update it if you have us in your contacts

Gallery Notice
June 25, 2018 marcie Site News Comments Off on Gallery Notice

Due to a large influx of traffic I have had to close the gallery for registered members only. So if you would like to view photos please register just remember to accept the cookies bar on the bottom before logging in otherwise you will have trouble signing in. Thanks – Marcie

Gallery Cookies Toolbar
June 5, 2018 marcie Site News Comments Off on Gallery Cookies Toolbar

Since the new install of the latest Privacy Policy and Cookies Toolbar. Some people are having problems viewing the gallery please be aware that we have installed a cookies toolbar which if you don’t accept it. You will not be able to log in. After you accept it, you will not see it anymore and […]