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PC Icons
July 11, 2021 marcie FanArt, OS Icons Comments Off on PC Icons

Added new icons for PC. So far I only did 3 but I hope to make more soon. The download you can find under the OS Icons page. I’ll post more soon.

New Icons
July 30, 2017 marcie FanArt, Icons Comments Off on New Icons

I finally put in some icons, but it was much thanks to Who made them for us. Will be making some very soon to add to the Icon Archive till then enjoy the site. You can view them all at the link here: Icon Archive

Filmography OS Icons
May 25, 2016 marcie FanArt, OS Icons Comments Off on Filmography OS Icons

Started working on the first ones for the OS Icons take a look. They won’t be available to download yet but soon.

New Wallpaper
May 19, 2016 marcie FanArt Comments Off on New Wallpaper

Just made a new wallpaper of Dane from his Cannes Shoot. Enjoy!

Project 0471 Artwork
May 22, 2015 marcie FanArt, Fan Fiction Comments Off on Project 0471 Artwork

I’ve been doing some graphic art work on Project 0471 which is a fan fiction story I wrote and slowly I’ve been writing and doing artwork on it. If you read it, you’ll know Dane is included in it as a scientist. This piece down below is the first one I did on Dane with […]

New edit
May 5, 2015 marcie FanArt Comments Off on New edit

I added this on our facebook, but I’ll post it here as well. Thanks to, I retouched a photo of dane that was sort of bleached out and faded so I brought up the color and increased the details also increased the eye with a bit of a highlight. My edit can be viewed […]

January Graphic Calendar
January 6, 2014 marcie FanArt Comments Off on January Graphic Calendar

I made a January Calendar on Dane. You can view it down below also don’t forget to vote for Dane for the Rising Star Award and push it to all your friends. And if you haven’t done it do it yourself. VOTE NOW!!!!

New work
December 28, 2013 marcie FanArt Comments Off on New work

I’ve been working on something different, I was first working on Harry Potter coloring through photoshop rather than using crayons, markers or colored pencils and after working on three pieces I thought I would work on something on Dane. And while there wasn’t anything on Dane in an animated version i created my own through […]

New Wallpapers
October 7, 2013 marcie FanArt Comments Off on New Wallpapers

Here’s two wallpapers I made on Dane on two recent colorizations I did. Just click on the picture to view in full resolution.

New Colorization
August 9, 2013 marcie FanArt Comments Off on New Colorization

I colorized this one, been wanting to do more art and put it here now that my schedule is clear. I hope to be adding more here’s the first.