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February 16, 2024 marcie Fan Fiction Leave a Comment

The Fan Fiction Archive is being removed due to the outdated script no longer working anymore. If they do come out with an update I’ll try to re-add, but until then it seems all is at a loss. Thanks to the people that did submit a story to us. It was much appreciated.

Kidnapped BTS
December 7, 2016 marcie Fan Fiction Comments Off on Kidnapped BTS

When I first wrote this story it was mainly for fun. A friend of mine who likes to go by the name Adair well in the original story I wrote I switched her name to Amber as for Michelle that was originally my name but at the time of actually putting it out there for […]

New layouts
May 21, 2016 marcie Gallery Updates, Fan Fiction Comments Off on New layouts

I’ve updated the main layout of the site and added a new theme to the gallery I also put on the sidebar a rss feed of the latest stories I’ve updated. So you can see there what has been updated in the fan fiction archive. I plan on adding more updates soon.

New layout
October 18, 2015 marcie Site News, Fan Fiction Comments Off on New layout

Finally added a new layout and thanks to for the photos. Now that we have a new layout a preview for Chapter 8 has been released for Kidnapped I plan on finishing this one off. So you can go to the fan fic archive and read who’s baby Michelle is having. Calling All Designers! […]

Project 0471 Artwork
May 22, 2015 marcie Fan Fiction, FanArt Comments Off on Project 0471 Artwork

I’ve been doing some graphic art work on Project 0471 which is a fan fiction story I wrote and slowly I’ve been writing and doing artwork on it. If you read it, you’ll know Dane is included in it as a scientist. This piece down below is the first one I did on Dane with […]

New fan fiction updates
May 9, 2015 marcie Fan Fiction Comments Off on New fan fiction updates

Added new chapters to the following stories: Project 0471, Marriage in Hell, When First We Met and Lover’s Leap. Also added new fan fiction graphics for Project 0471 in the gallery. Will add more soon.

Lover’s Leap
November 11, 2014 marcie Fan Fiction Comments Off on Lover’s Leap

I wrote a new story called Lover’s Leap, I had posted the graphic earlier. But I now finally posted the written chapter I worked on. The story is about a Dan taking another man’s wife after her husband had an affair with his wife Megan. I needed a character for Irene so who perfect than […]

Kidnapped Fan Fiction Question
August 9, 2014 marcie Fan Fiction Comments Off on Kidnapped Fan Fiction Question

I got this question off our Fan Fiction section that was submitted to me and I’d like to answer it here. The question was: “Hi, just wondering if you happened to see Aubrey Plaza and Dane DeHaan acting out your story “kidnapped” on “At Midnight” on Wednesday and, if so, what you thought of it?” […]

New layout
March 4, 2014 marcie Fan Fiction Comments Off on New layout

Thanks to my best friend Adair Bartley, for making us a new layout for our fan fiction site.

Gallery updates
November 19, 2013 marcie Gallery Updates, Fan Fiction Comments Off on Gallery updates

I added several pictures for you to see in the gallery. I posted some from The Board Of Governors Of The Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences’ Governor Awards, AFI Fest and a few others. Last night I also updated the fan fiction area, I had written some stories that were on my Dan […]