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DeHaan Media
May 22, 2016 marcie DeHaan Media Comments Off on DeHaan Media

All videos have been transferred to the site now all 58 you can now find them under the Multimedia tab in the navigation above under Videos. We also have a playlist on youtube as well so be sure to follow it here.

Video Gallery
May 21, 2016 marcie DeHaan Media Comments Off on Video Gallery

Did a little work on the video gallery today adding the videos here to the site. I finished appearances and Movie Trailers, I’ll be working on the rest of it during the weekend.

DeHaan-Media Update
May 17, 2016 marcie DeHaan Media Comments Off on DeHaan-Media Update

I am posting this cause DeHaan Media will cease to exist in June. I had an alternate solution to our video’s that are hosted via flaunt so since I have a bit of trouble with the current system I am gonna port everything over to the site here. You won’t have to go to an […]

Kill Your Darlings Interview
January 28, 2015 marcie DeHaan Media Comments Off on Kill Your Darlings Interview

Here’s a new Kill Your Darlings interview I never posted. There’s two clips so be sure to watch both.

Stormy Weather
June 2, 2014 marcie DeHaan Media Comments Off on Stormy Weather

I added this on our twitter, thanks to a friend who sent us this. You can view Stormy Weather here. Stormy Weather by simplydanrad

Somewhere only we know
August 9, 2013 marcie DeHaan Media Comments Off on Somewhere only we know

A friend of mine, thought this would make a good combination so I went ahead and made it for her. Since this featured Dane in it, thought you might like to view it. A tribute to Lucien and Allen, Dan and Dane. Since the video auto plays you can view it here too.

Dane’s Flaunt Photo Shoot
June 26, 2012 marcie DeHaan Media, Magazines, Flaunt Comments Off on Dane’s Flaunt Photo Shoot

End Days – A Look Back
June 25, 2012 marcie DeHaan Media Comments Off on End Days – A Look Back

Recently, I’ve been doing a little bit of research it comes with the territory when learning more about your favorite actor and learning what he did in his past. Well as I look more and more since there is nothing new to add. I came upon the full audio of End Days, where Dane play […]

Dane’s Early Work
June 20, 2012 marcie Latest Updates, DeHaan Media Comments Off on Dane’s Early Work

Ok as I do most times, when there is hardly no news I try and find things that I never had for the site. Well I found three new things: 1: The Amigo Philippines Trailer 2. End Days: Audio Clip 3. Know your ages of Consent– A video not even listed on Dane’s Filmography. I […]

June 12, 2012 marcie DeHaan Media Comments Off on DeHaan-Media

DeHaan Media is now up and running I added about 13 video’s to it so far. More to come soon. But you can view what I added so far. If you got any requests on what you would like to see, just leave me a comment or email me. I also made one new wallpaper […]