Me and Michele at Daniel Radcliffe’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

My name is Marcie, I’ve been doing fan sites for almost 17 years now. But with the help of my husband who I’ve been with for 18 years, he struggled teaching me the basics to html, php and other things that I’ve had questions concerning web design. After years of reading, research and hours of constant studying you see what I can do today.

I’ve built this site on Dane cause after seeing a small clip of him acting he just called to me. I liked his attitude and his ability to act.  After trying to find more information on him, I realized there was no central base to read from. So I decided to create a site on him.  He’s a great upcoming actor and I feel that his career is worth supporting. To all the fans who feel the same way about Dane, I hope you like the site and come back.

As to you Dane, continue doing what you have! Love You and keep going!

Simply Dane DeHaan is an unofficial fan site and is not associated in any way with Dane, or any other official entity. This site is purely for fan-purposes. All images were obtained through public domain and will be taken down immediately upon requests of the respective owners and if any copyright laws were violated, it was unintentional.