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On April 3 of 2012, I decided to start this site being the owner of a fan site is very hard work. I did a lot of research and in doing that its not easy. I tried to make this the most up to date website on Dane. Cause I felt from my son’s point that he was right, Dane is a good actor. Without my son, I don’t think I ever would have recognized Dane. And it is a pleasure running this site which seems now to be the only site on him at the moment. I take each day doing work on the four men that not only gave me inspiration, but gave me a lot more than they think they have. Sadly, I never met any of them. But I don’t do this to be noticed I do it for the fans that love their favorite actor and I only hope that everything I have done is appreciated. As we celebrate our first anniversary this April. I am immensely proud of Dane for his passion to keep on doing what he has in his career and wish him a load of good luck on future projects to come. Your my inspiration to keep on going and never giving up, thank you Dane. <3


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