Sarah asked if she could post a review to the site so here’s her thoughts on it.

“Spider-Man”, began last Friday; at the South Bay Galleria. Since I knew that Dane was going to be Harry Osborne, aka “Green Goblin”, I was looking forward to it. The film started at 9:30 in the morning, so a lot of my friends, and I had to wake up early, to catch the show.

Andrew Garfield, who plays Peter Parker, is a high school graduate. He’s got a girlfriend, Gwen Starr, who has been accepted into Oxford University, at England. She wants to study science, just like how Peter was. But, Peter’s been haunted by his mysterious past; and figures it out, at an old subway station.

Meanwhile, Dane’s character, Harry Osborne; has lost his father, due to an illness. So, he takes over Oscorp’s operations, as the CEO. Unfortunately, things take an unexpected turn; when Max, one of the employees, manages to get electrified. He turns into Electron, and causes blackouts. So, Spider-Man must figure out a way, to stop him; which he does.

Harry turns into Green Goblin, with Peter’s blood, and fights Spider-Man at the clock tower. Spider-Man wins; but Gwen passes away. She leaves behind Peter, and her father, who works for the NYPD.

I think that this edition of Spider-Man, is a must-see for everyone. It’s one of the classics, that everyone will love.

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