The Place Beyond the Pines is an official selection of the Toronto International Film Festival! Thanks to Dane for letting us know.

The Place Beyond the Pines features Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper and Eva Mendes star in this multi-generational crime drama from director Derek Cianfrance (Blue Valentine), about a motorcycle stunt rider whose moonlighting a bank robber brings him into conflict with an ambitious young cop.

According to Dane, he was cast in the picture last summer it was said that he would be playing Ryan Gosling’s son, which seemed odd considering the two are only seven years apart. We weren’t quite sure how that would play out, but DeHaan has outlined what the structure of the film will be. “I play Ryan Gosling’s son. It’s a generational story, so essentially the first third of the movie is really all about Ryan, and then the last third of the movie takes place eighteen or nineteen years after Ryan’s part of the story. And it’s about a son that he had during his part of the story,” DeHaan explains.

Source:TIFF & IndieWire

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