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Skin Change

Kidnapped by marcie

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It was like any other day for Michelle, she was a senior in high school she had moved to Charlotte to be with her best friend Amber. They were close and constantly chatted online about their celebrity crush Daniel Radcliffe. It got so out of control that they started getting messages from someone unknown. Together they had both ran a website where they wrote countless stories and graphic art on their celeb that they were getting noticed not only by fans but by the media as well. Michelle was with Amber at her house and when Amber heard the doorbell. She answered it.

"Hello." She opened her door.

"Hello Amber, were looking for a Michelle is she here." The man said.

"Yeah she's upstairs." Amber said.

The man grabbed her blindfolding her and after they got her they put her into their car. Michelle had heard the commotion downstairs only to see Amber being taken away. Michelle tried to run but they caught her so without fuss she gave up and went with them. The car traveled what seemed for hours and when it did finally stop they were brought into a building.

"Michelle are we gonna die?" Amber asked her.

"I don't think so they would have done it already." Michelle sat there calm.

With them both blindfolded they couldn't see anything. Michelle felt her hands being released. The man had told her to stay put and she did. When they released Amber she stood still. Michelle removed her blindfold and touched her shoulder. "We'll be okay honey really I don't think they meant us any harm."

"Then why did they kidnap us?" Amber said as she took off her blindfold.

Someone in the shadows came forward. "Cause I told them to." His brown hair and blue eyes shined in the light.

"Oh my god, we were kidnapped by you. But why?" Amber was speechless.

"You guys have become popular because of everything you've written about me. So I wanted a chance to meet you." Daniel said.

"You could have just called or came over yourself." Michelle said.

"Ah yes perhaps but I thought you guys would like a little adventure." He smiled coming forward.

"She's the adventurous one." Amber said.

"Ah come on Amber think about it to be kidnapped by Dan Radcliffe himself. Think of all the possibilities we could write." Michelle smiled.

"No one would believe us." Amber sat down in the chair.

"Your probably right, but I like that he did this." Michelle smiled thinking of something she wanted to do for so long.

She put her finger on her lip, then she put her arms around him. "Amber was right I am the adventurous one." Michelle kissed him.

"If your the adventurous one then you should know what I like." He lowered her to her knees.

Michelle knew what he wanted she put her hands to his fly pulling down the zipper. Amber looked at her, "Michelle don't tell me you know how to do this?"

"Why do you think Jimmy kept coming back?" Michelle said.

"I thought you and Jimmy never had sex." Amber stood there.

"We didn't he only stayed cause I'd blow him. That's why he was with me." Michelle confessed.

Michelle began when he felt her mouth on him just the feeling of what she was doing made him aroused. He put his hand on her head as he felt the motion he had so been craving for since he broke up with his girlfriend last year. Amber watched her as she looked at his expressions. She didn't know what he was feeling cause she herself had never done anything like that before. Amber was a virgin too, but she did have a boyfriend for a short time. He had only touched her once before she told him never again.

"Michelle, stop." He ordered.

Michelle looked up at him. "Did I not do it right?"

"You did great. Take off her jeans face the table." He told her.

Michelle moved her hair to the side. She undid her jean just like he said and when she felt him she winced from the pain. She bit her lip as he forced his way in, Michelle didn't say anything only feeling everything that was being done. After a while she could only moan from it. The pain had subsided and she removed her shirt and bra. He pulled out after a while and brought her with him to the couch. Dan made her sit on him while she faced him.

"Consider this your training Michelle. You and Amber are gonna learn to please me." Dan said looking at her.
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