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"Save me." Dane yelled at the top of his lungs to anyone that passed him by. He had been running for a while now and with the pain in his right leg it didn't help him feel any better.

The sweat poured down his face as he walked aimlessly around the town in Switzerland. He hadn't known much about the place only that his wife wanted to have their honeymoon there. Once he seen a place to rest he took a seat on the park bench and breathed out.

There were people passing him and everything seemed normal even though it hadn't been. It had been a week since he and his wife had come to renew their vows in a place they had never been before.

His beautiful wife Anna was looking at the brochure about a little town in Switzerland she always wanted to visit. Dane was shuffling papers in his office as she began talking about a honeymoon they had never went on.

"Dane. How about Switzerland for our honeymoon. Do you think that sounds good?" Her bright blue eyes read a few details.

Dane put down his pen. He looked up and got up off his chair seeing what she was reading.

He took a look. "I've never been there before. Is this something we are considering?"

"Yeah I think so. You about packed?" Anna wondered as she touched his expensive suit.

Dane nodded. "Yeah pretty much. I promised George I would finish this last thing, but its not much and I will be done with it within an hour. The funny thing is somethings a bit off."

Anna put the brochure down and took his hand. "Well maybe you can look it over later." She touched the white shirt he wore and pulled at his tie.

His voice changed once he seen the look in her eyes. How could he tell her no. There's nothing he would deny her. "I guess so."
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