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Skin Change

Lover's Leap by marcie

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The death of Megan Young was very trying for Dan, he had lost his wife due to another man's selfish treachery. Megan had not been faithful to Dan, she had been having an affair with another man who was married as well. Megan had committed suicide after he ended the relationship. Dan did not know who this man was, but he was listed in her letters as Samuel Cornwell. Dan gripped a hold on his gun as he walked to the Cornwell estate. What he had planned he didn't really know, but he figured a trade would work well for his interests. He needed a wife so he was going to take Samuel's.

Irene, was doing her laundry removing her clothes off the clothesline. She had not talked much to Samuel. He was sad, for what reason she had no idea. Most times she pretended she was happily married, but she knew that wasn't the case. Samuel had been very distant since their marriage. He had left this morning to his mother's house without a word.

Dan reached the steps to the house and knocked on the door. His cold blue eyes stared at the door. Irene heard the knock, she was about as young as Megan was with brown hair and blue eyes. Dan was 26, with light brown hair and blue eyes.

When Irene opened the door, she smiled. "Hi, come in." She moved so he could come in. "Are you here to see Samuel?"

"I am here to see his wife actually. My name is Dan." Daniel said calmly.

"Ah well, I am Irene. Samuel is at his mother's house. Would you like some tea or coffee?" Irene didn't exactly know who he was.

"Irene, did your husband ever mention a Megan Young?" Dan wondered.

"No, can't say I heard that name before why?" Irene looked at him.

"You're husband was seeing my wife, he got her pregnant and when he wanted no part of her or their child she committed suicide because of him." Dan was angry.

"Did you come here for some sort of revenge?" Irene had worry in her eyes.

Dan gripped the gun. "I am just here to take away what he has taken away from me."

"You want to kill me?" Irene was scared.

"No. I am here to take you as mine." Dan pulled out the gun.

Irene stood still. "Please don't shoot me."

Dan held a bag and threw it at her. "Put all your clothes in that bag. After you do that. I want you to write a letter."

Irene took the bag and she started walking to her bedroom. He walked with her to the bedroom as she gathered everything from her dresser drawers and the closet. Once it was all in the bag, they walked to the kitchen table. She got a pen and paper. "What shall I write?"

"Write everything I say." Dan walked with the gun.

"Dearest Samuel,
It has come to my attention that I am no longer needed. A man came today, telling me of his wife Megan who committed suicide because you would not take responsibility for your child. Her husband, told me every detail of your affair and I no longer wish to be a wife to a cold hearted bastard. I am leaving you forever. Don't come for me, cause I will not see you. I hate your guts and I wish I never met you. " Dan paused. "Just sign your name to it. No love or sincerely."

Irene nodded and left it. Dan looked it over. "Perfect. Now follow me."
She followed him as he instructed, it wasn't hard to leave her life there. Irene hadn't had anything like this before. When she seen a horse she made a face, "Why by horse?"

"Much easier to make an escape through the woods. " Dan got up on the horse and held out his hand for her.

She took it and her bag putting it to the side so they could go. He held Irene closely that she leaned back awkwardly. "Try and relax, Irene."
He held her and the horse took off. Irene wasn't accustom to horses. After riding about a mile, he allowed her to walk.

Irene questioned him. "How long did the affair go on?"

"About a year or so. You see I was a doctor, working long hours I was hardly ever home. Megan wanted attention and I gave her as much as I could. I cut my hours, came home for dinner, but by then it was too late. She turn away when I wanted to be with her. We married young. But I did love her." Dan held the horses rein.

"Same with Samuel and I. We married young and we were happy. But then he got this new job and became distant. I was left alone at home. But I never cheated on him. I knew he was having an affair when I found perfume on his collar. I knew it wasn't mine, but I never called him out on it." Irene frowned.

"You're going to divorce him and marry me. That's the plan." Dan told her.

"What if I don't want to marry you?"Irene said.

"Irene, please help me. I need you to help me so he won't see he's won. I want him to hurt." Dan took her hand.

"You want revenge. I understand. But he doesn't love me and he won't miss me. If I marry you I wanna marry for the right reasons." She touched his cheek.

"What do you want? Name it." Dan said.

"I want what i have been wanting for a long time. Love and a family." Irene walked.

"All right. You marry me, I'll give you that." Dan went to her and held her.

"You got yourself a deal, Dan." Irene smiled leaned in and kissed him. Dan was taken by surprise he wasn't ready for her to kiss him so it was awkward.

"We're almost there." Dan looked onward.

Irene saw the house not far off, it wasn't like her home with Samuel. The wood was fading and the house was more a old Victorian house. The possibilities gave her hope.

Dan pulled the horse into the stable as she stood there looking at the place. He grabbed her belongings off the horse and held it.

Irene didn't run, she was confused at the situation but she knew this was a change and this man was different not like her husband.

Dan closed the gate and took Irene's hand. He walked slowly to the house as he got his keys. "Welcome to your new home, Irene."

The house opened, it was a beautiful sight to see. Irene stepped in looking at the furnishings and draperies. "Let me show you around." Dan laid her bag on the chair.

He showed her the kitchen first showing her where everything was. The next thing was the bedroom, he told her they would be sleeping in the same bed. It was going to be awkward living with a stranger, but she had always wanted to be swept off her feet by a beautiful stranger. His eyes were haunting and mesmerizing.
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