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Dane and Ella by rebel4dane

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Table of Contents

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Story notes:

A short story in which the main characters are Dane and Ella, as the title of the story suggests. Hope you like it. Go easy on me though :P


It had been 50 years since he last saw her. There was blood, screams, bones crackling and certainly, death.

The last thing he remembered was the sound of the police sirens and her, drenched in blood, walking away. He tried to call after her but no words came out. He was in too much pain. All he could do was reaching out a helpless arm after her.

Now here he was, in his death bed. Not a wife to stay by his side. He never got married in the years that came and go. After the climax of that fateful night, it took him 3 weeks to come out of his coma. The first thing he said was her name.



50 years ago, Dane DeHaan stumbled upon Eleanor in the woods lying in a puddle of mud. He had always liked to spend some alone time in the woods near his parents’ house. With 3 baby sisters and 2 elder brothers, he would grow tired of all the noise in the house.

He looked down on her, wondering if she was dead or alive. Instead of being afraid, he was intrigued by what he had discovered. He knelt down and reached out to touch her.

‘Stay away...’. She spoke, barely audible and it startled him.

‘Are-are you hurt?’, he asked.


‘Hang on I’ll get you some water!’.

He ran off as fast as he could to catch some water. When he came back, she had settled down under a tree. Her night gown was drenched in a mix of blood and mud.

‘Here....’. He offered a bottle of water. His mood has changed from being intrigued to slightly scared. ‘Here’, he said again when she didn’t reach for it.

The girl looked into his eyes and they were as green as the summer grass. Dane thought they were the prettiest eyes he’d ever seen.

‘Blood...’, she whispered.

‘Blood?’. He was confused.

What happened next was screams and bellows.


Dane woke up in his bed several hours later, with all his siblings and parents staring down at him anxious and nervous.

‘Oh honey!’, his mother sobbed.’Thank God!’.

His father hugged him.

‘Call them in’, his father told his eldest son.

The police came in to question Dane about what happened. He told the story but they concluded the boy was simply confused and that they should all just be happy that he was okay.

From then on, Dane was forbidden to ever step foot in the woods again. Nor his siblings as of that matter.

Life went on but Dane could not get the face he saw in the woods out of his head. He’d secretly search for her in school and amongst crowds but he never saw her again.

A few months had passed and it was time for Dane to leave for college. He kept gazing towards the woods and finally, he decided to pay one last visit. Somehow, he felt the need to go there as if something was waiting for him.


He went straight to the spot where he’d found the girl 6 months ago; the mysterious girl who gave him a permanent scar on his wrist. As he was reminiscing that fateful day, he heard the sound of a branch cracking. Quickly, he turned. No one was there. Somehow, that upset him. He sighed and turned back and froze.

There she was. Standing right in front of him. The girl who’d been haunting him in his sleeps and his waking days.

Dane took subtle, deep breaths. It was overwhelming. Some days he’d tell himself he was crazy and that it never happened. But her very presence proved his own self wrong.

Those green eyes staring at him. They looked much more alive and prettier, if it was ever possible. Her face pale but not as chalk white as the last time he’d seen her. The wind blew her long hair about her face. Dane had never seen anyone as beautiful.

‘H’..hi...’, he managed to utter. It was hoarse and dry.

‘Did I hurt you that day?’, she said.

‘Oh! survived’, he said smiling nervously. He felt like meeting the biggest crush of his life.

‘Thank you. You saved my life’

‘What’s your name?..’


‘I’m-I’m Dane’. He offered his hand and she noticed the scare she gave him right away.

Slowly, she reached out and shook his hand.

‘As warm as I remember...’, she uttered.


‘DANEEEE!!!!!’. Someone called from afar. It was his mother.

‘I-I have to go’, he said and started to leave. He took one last look at Eleanor. She was still there. He wasn’t imagining it. Then he stopped and asked-

‘Where can I see you?’

‘I’ll find you’. She answered.


Dane settled in college, haunted once again by Eleanor. He was one of the most wanted guys in his college-wanted by girls-but he was never really interested in any of them. After a year had passed and no sign of Eleanor, he decided to start dating.


It was one of those nights of crazy house parties and Dane went there with his girlfriend.

‘Dude check that ass out!’, one of his friends smacked his shoulder. Dane looked to see who it was. He dropped his beer bottle and slowly rose.

‘Dude where you goin’?!’, his friend called back. ‘Anna’s gonna catch you Dane!’. But he was not paying any kind of attention.

‘Eleanor’, he whispered to her ear from behind. She smiled knowing it was him. Dane joined the dance and started to grind with her.

He was high but at the same time his head was crystal clear. It was like they were in a trance together and no one else was there.

‘What the fuck!’. An angry girl pulled Dane off. It was Anna, his girlfriend.

‘What the fuck are you doing with my boyfriend?!’

Eleanor maintained her silence. Somehow, Dane didn’t want to see her angry.

‘Let‘s go’, he said and grabbed her cold hand.

Anna was left dumbfounded and furious.


Dane took her back to his room and when he opened the door, he felt Eleanor’s lips oh his and from there, it just happened. She made love to him like no girl, not even Anna had ever made love to him.

‘You’re starting to get cold again’, he said as they lay spent on his bed.

‘Happens’, she smiled.

‘What took you so long to show up?’, he asked; an ache in his voice.

‘I had to take care of some business’, she answered.

‘What like an ex boyfriend?’, he joked and made her laugh.


From then on Dane and Eleanor were inseparable. Dane continued college and moved into a nearby apartment with Eleanor.

Eleanor would stay in the apartment all day and waited for Dane who was always in a rush to come home to her. It was heaven for him. Some nights he’d wonder things about her. What she really was, where she came from, what happened before when he found her in the woods.  

Dane started to worry when Eleanor would sometimes not come home and it eventually led to 2-3 days. Then Dane would start up a fight but she’d always tell him it was better he didn’t know. One time, he asked if she was cheating on him and made her laugh out loud and when he was mad at her response, she started to take off her clothes and teased him until he finally gave in. Dane gave up trying to know things about her. He told himself that she’d tell him when she was ready.

One night, Dane was awakened by the sound of Eleanor. She was in pain. She had not come home for 4 nights.

‘Ella!!’, he exclaimed when he saw her. She was bleeding all over the place.

‘Dane, get out of here’, she groaned in pain.

‘Ohmigod baby!...’, he tried to help her.

‘Get out please!!’, she screamed. ‘Before they find you!!’.

‘Who’s gonna find me?!-what happened?! oh god you’re bleeding everywhere!’. He was in tears, afraid and confused.

‘Go...please...’. Her eyes were barely open.

‘No! Ella!-no!!’.

Then he did what he’d done 2 years ago.  He made a fist with his hand and offered his wrist in front of her mouth. All she could do to protest was look up at him.

‘Do it!’, he was in a hurry. ’I can’t lose you Ella! Please!’, he begged. A tear trickling down his cheek.

Ella opened her mouth and sank her fangs into the wrist where she’d left a scar before.

Someone broke down the door and  grabbed dane. He tried to fight him off but he was too strong, like Ella. Another man appeared and went toward Ella.

‘No!...Don’t you dare touch her...’, he warned, blood gushing out from his mouth.


Dane was in and out between consciousnesses while Ella killed 5 other vampires. Strongest of their kind. All he could see when it was finally over was Ella walking away, drenched in blood. Then he passed out.


The end had finally come. Dane was going to die and he was relieved. His life was never ever the same after the unexplainable incident at their apartment that night. He also stopped keeping in touch with his siblings years ago.

He closed his eyes, waiting for death to embrace him.

‘Dane...’. A voice called. His eyes grew wide open at the sight of Eleanor.

‘Ella...’, he whispered.

Ella smiled a tender smile. She looked just the same –beautiful and radiant-while he had aged terribly. She approached him and held his hand.

‘I’ve missed you...’, Dane  choked.

‘I know...’, she said, tears dwelling up in her eyes.

‘You came too late this time...I’m dying...’

‘Who says I can’t save you baby?’, she smiled.

Dane’s face was full of utter surprise.

Ella leaned downed and whispered to his year.

‘What age would you like to look like forever, my love?’

Dane choked and closed his eyes. ‘The age when I found you dancing at the house party’.

Ella kissed him on the cheek and then with her sharp fangs, she aimed for Dane’ s throat.





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