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“Don’t miss Dehaan,” said James Hetfield via a post on his Instagram account, along with a handful of revealing hash tags, prior to the kick off of Orion‘s first day. While our initial guess was that it had something to do with the star of Metallica’s 3D movie, “Dehaan” turned out to be our second guess: a surprise set from Metallica.


Not only did Metallica surprise fans with a daytime set on the Damage Inc. stage, BUT they also played their debut album Kill ‘Em All in its entirety. The fact that we got to see Metallica in the middle of the first day on one of the side stages was amazing in and of itself. However, seeing them play Kill ‘Em All from front to back (including Rob Trujillo doing “Anesthesia”) is on a whole different level of amazing. Before leaving the stage, though, Lars Ulrich took to the mic and joked “Next up, Reload,” which received a healthy mix of boos and laughs from the audience.


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