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The advantage of a face magnetic and indecipherable as his, with those two slots of ice slightly imborsite (despite his young age, 29 years in February), more eloquent than a thousand words, a little ‘to Brad Pitt (without resorting to Paul Newman) , a contemporary-stylish, effortlessly cool, and a vocation chameleon on the set, it can be to become the actor (among rookies) most disputed of the moment to deliver Hollywood.E seeing the title of “new DiCaprio”: the resemblance is indeed impressive (see the young Leo’s Eating Gilbert Grape). Happy about this? Admiration for his colleague is so great, but Dane DeHaan looks well beyond.

The disadvantage – if it can be defined – can instead be to receive proposals to interpret particular characters from its ambiguous and murky, when not to bad.

A child prodigy, after graduating from North Carolina School of the Arts, he moved to New York where he made his debut on Broadway with success – even if claims not considered good enough for the theater – earning an Obie Award for his portrayal of lone student Evan Shelmerdine the aliens in the production of Annie Baker. Then it was a gay teenager in conflict with parents in the HBO series In Treatment, which marked his debut on TV; bashful schoolboy victim of bullying and domestic violence that suddenly has super powers, she takes it in the science fiction film Chronicle; clandestine distiller of whiskey (a so-called “moonshiner”) opposite Shia LaBeouf in dramatic Lawless director John Hillcoat and with a screenplay by Nick Cave. And yet: intense and moving into the role of Jason, the son of the good bad Ryan Gosling in the film by Derek Cianfrance The place beyond the pines (“Like a Thunder”); introverted and damned, in balance between empathy and anger submerged in Kill your darlings-Young Rebels alongside Daniel Radcliffe (in the role of Allen Ginsberg); in the role of villain Green Goblin in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, but also brilliant in some ways in the black comedy Life after Beth.

“I choose the roles that I propose based on the potential that I see growing interpreting them, I rate them as opportunities to improve in the craft of acting. The more the task seems impossible to me more in the end I am convinced you want to do. I like challenges, repeating the same character boring, “says the actor originally from Pennsylvania.

Her voice, on the phone, is relaxed, friendly. He lives in Brooklyn with his beautiful wife, actress Anna Wood, and the dog. But the most important, on everyone’s lips for months now, and that, according to many, will be his consecration, is coming to the cinema with Life by Anton Corbijn, the film in which she plays the difficult role of James Dean. The film focuses on the friendship between the actor de East of Eden and the photographer of Life magazine Dennis Stock (played by Robert Pattinson). “The story covers a period of two weeks in the life of James Dean, shortly before the release of his famous films. Dennis Stock was commissioned to document for the first time the life of the star. They traveled together from Los Angeles to then New York, to the house of the actor in Indiana. Some of his most famous images were created precisely during those two weeks, “he says. The comparison with “The Giant” film had initially raised concerns in Dane’s not up to the role. “I was not sure you want to accept, it seemed beyond my ability. A challenge too big, but maybe that’s why I accepted then, to see how far I could push myself. Before we started shooting I had four months time to study the character, reading, watching documentaries and interviews. James Dean is my favorite actor of all time, I wanted to honor him as they should. to look like him as much as possible, even in the physical, I had to increase muscle mass than ten pounds . the hardest thing was to learn to speak like him, had a cadence very specific, as well as the pitch of the voice. I hope with this film to show the younger generation who was really James Dean. ”

Unlike the myth, who died at the age of 24 in a car accident, the passion for racing cars and a lifestyle based on the philosophy of carpe diem Dane prefers the slow side of things: the son of his generation (and parents working in the iT world) uses Twitter but also plays golf. “I find it relaxing, is how to meditate. It helps me to clear your mind, to stay focused and down to earth. I have my travel kit, which I always carry with me even in business trips.”

When not on the green is delighted with the music, a passion that led him to act in the film-concert Through the never Metallica and, more recently, in the music video I bet my life group American pop Imagine Dragons. But ensure you do not have ambitions to rocker, as colleagues Jared Leto or more mature Keanu Reeves, Russell Crowe and Kevin Costner. “Sounds a bit ‘guitar, but nothing more. I like the old school rock, Bob Dylan, music that makes me feel good.”

In an era when the celebrity is all, Dane lives her from antistar: “The positive side is that it allows me to do things I love the most, just as acting”. Among the upcoming projects of Dane, the new film Tulip Fever, set in Amsterdam in the seventeenth century and the novel by Deborah Moggach, with Judi Dench and directed by Justin Chadwick, out in the spring.

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