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Actor Dane DeHaan, whose filmmography includes “Chronicle” and “Lincoln,” recently spoke with Phoenix Movie Examiner about his latest motion picture project “Lawless.”

In “Lawless,” which will be available beginning Tuesday, Nov. 27 at retail stores and rental outlets throughout the Valley, Shia LaBeouf, Tom Hardy and Jason Clarke play three bootlegging brothers who make a run for the American Dream in Prohibition-era Virginia and, as a result, find their loyalty is put to the test against the backdrop of the nation’s most notorious crime wave.

Question: What about this project appealed to you? In other words, why did you sign on to star in it?

Answer: It was a no-brainer to me. At the time that the script was presented to me – which was certainly one of the best scripts that [I have been given] – it was already assembled with one of the greatest casts that I had ever seen. It was full of actors that I would love to work with. I was also presented with a really intriguing, interesting and challenging character that I would get to play.

Source: Examiner

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