Grace Randolph (host of beyond the trailer on youtube) is doing a survey of the best movies of 2013. The Place Beyond The Pines and the Kill Your Darlings are of course the films from this year. Click on this link to vote. You have until January 2nd 2014 to vote.

The Place beyond the Pines is coming to DVD. August 6,2013


I added some new stills from The Place Beyond the Pines, there’s another interview and much more in the gallery for you to see. For the latest interview video you can view it here at hitfix.


DanePines (3)

In “The Place Beyond The Pines,” Allentown native Dane DeHaan spends a lot of time riding around on a BMX bike. The vehicle is more than a means of transportation for his character, Jason. It’s also an unconscious link between Jason and the motorcycle-loving father (Ryan Gosling) he never knew.

As he was preparing for the role, DeHaan opted to build the bike from scratch rather than allowing the production designer to find him one. He turned to an L.A. bike shop called Bicycle Kitchen, where he learned how to assemble a bike out of beat-up parts.

“That bike is Jason’s best friend; it’s almost like an extension of him,” DeHaan says. “I wanted the bike to come across onscreen as if it had a real importance in his life.

“And the only way for me to be able to do that was to build the bike, ship it to the set in Schenectady and just make it my baby.”

To say that DeHaan takes his job seriously is an understatement. Almost from the moment he stepped onstage in a production of “Aesop’s Fables” at Stage Door Workshop at the Asbury United Methodist Church in South Whitehall Township, he has known what he wanted to do with his life.

Lately, all of DeHaan’s hard work has been paying off. In 2012, the performer had the kind of year most actors only dream about. He appeared in a surprise hit (“Chronicle”), a Best Picture Oscar nominee (“Lincoln”) and a well-received indie (“Lawless.”) “Place Behind the Pines” opens in Philadelphia on April 12 and in the Lehigh Valley later in the month.

In the next 12 months, DeHaan is poised to continue his winning streak with meaty roles in a handful of high-profile flicks, including Atom Egoyan’s West Memphis Three drama “Devil’s Knot” with Reese Witherspoon and Colin Firth; the Sundance favorite “Kill Your Darlings,” a Beat-era drama starring Daniel Radcliffe and Kyra Sedgwick; and “Metallica Through the Never,” a 3-D concert movie due Aug. 9.


Source:TMC Newspaper

Here’s the recent still from The Place beyond the Pines of Dane with Emory Cohen. Thanks to MTV


I added a few new images to the gallery some of the Place beyond the Pines stills have been replaced with better res. I also added a new interview to our facebook page. The Place Beyond the Pines is also having a fanart submission for Tumblr. So if you’re inspired by that art, or anything about The Place Beyond the Pines, you also have the chance to submit your own art either via Facebook or Tumblr. Go here to submit your artwork.


And view the interview here as well.

New stills of Dane have came up. I posted them in our gallery but you can view the here as well. Several clips from the movie have been released as well and you can view the links to those on our facebook page as soon as a clip is posted of Dane. I will post it here on the site. Enjoy!

Pines Dane (1) Pines Dane (2)



Dane DeHaan, who plays Ryan’s son, learned to do wheelies on a motorcycle for the film. One day he crashed and sliced open his chin. He called me, very excited, to tell me that his character, Jason, would have a scar.

you can view a clip from the movie at E Online.


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SCHENECTADY — Midnight had passed in the penthouse suite where director Derek Cianfrance was meeting with representatives from Focus Films.

“The Place Beyond the Pines” had just debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival and the subsidiary of NBC Universal was on the verge of purchasing its rights. But Cianfrance had a stipulation before any deal was formalized, the director recalled of his early-morning meeting with Focus in September.

“One of the things that was crucial to us in selling the film was that we had to do a premiere in Schenectady,” he said during a phone interview Sunday.

After all, Schenectady is intricately linked to the film: Cianfrance drew parts of the film’s narrative from the city’s modern history; he incorporated buildings, streetscapes and thousands of residents into the action. Even the film’s title is derived from a loose translation of the Mohawk nation word that became the city’s name centuries ago.

Forgetting about Schenectady wasn’t going to happen, Cianfrance said. And certainly not during the film’s debut in the Capital Region.

“It was always going to be there,” he said.


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Thanks to Jim, for sending us stills from The Place Beyond the Pines. We were sent 10 stills from the movie. Apparently someone released stills that weren’t authorized and we have removed the one that wasn’t. So I removed it and I replaced the whole section with the stills we were sent.


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New still from The Place Beyond the Pines of Dane DeHaan.


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