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Welcome to Simply Dane DeHaan, Dane is best known for his role in Chronicle, he's also been in Kill Your Darlings with Daniel Radcliffe and the upcoming film Valerian in July. This is the first fan site for Dane. What we add here is news about Dane on his upcoming projects, interviews and the like. We do not however, display anything with Dane and Anna's personal life whether it be gossip or etc. If you have anything you would like to contribute feel free to email me at you will receive full credit for anything you send in.

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I added captures from Kill Your Darlings trailers and clips. Here’s what I added.

Trailer – USA
Trailer – Italian
Trailer – BFI
Title Sequence
Clip – Party
Clip – Meeting
Clip – Library (Lucien)
Clip – Kill Your Darlings
Clip – The First Lesson
Clip – Prison
Clip – Library
Clip – Whitman
Clip -Boating
Clip – Dropping Out

Exclusive section added
October 19, 2013

I added an exclusive section in the gallery so if fans would like to submit their personal photos of Dane you can send them in to us. I added my personal shots of Daniel Radcliffe and Dane when I visited Universal Studios for the Extra Interview this October. I did shoot video but not sure if I will put it up or not. I’ll think about it cause like I said I was quite a ways away from them and couldn’t hear them myself.

Gallery Updated
September 9, 2013

Added new pictures from Toronto- Kill Your Darlings Portraits, Guest Portraits and so much more.

GuestPortraits (2)

Capture-00028Did a few captures of the Pine. Plan to upload the rest later. 🙂

Dane and Anna went to the premiere of the Great Gatsby in New York yesterday I have posted pictures from the event in the gallery and also Dane and Anna were featured in a video called It Could be Worst. I have posted caps and down below you can view the video Dane and Anna appear at 3:19.

meet jacob gordon…and the people who contribute to his shortcomings.
created by mitchell jarvis and wesley taylor
original music by ‘banded birds’ feat. lauren molina, scott bradlee, allan mednard
viewer discretion advised

New Captures
January 22, 2013

Added newest captures from The Hollywood Reporter, The Los Angeles Times, and Variety Studio

THR (26) AYDN3-00038 Variety Studio-00055

Lincoln and EW
January 4, 2013

Added better caps from Lincoln and new scan from Entertainment Weekly.

New Captures
December 17, 2012

Did new captures from Lawless, Jack and Diane and some from Lincoln.

Jack and Diane and Lawless
December 1, 2012

Did a few captures from Jack and Diane and Lawless but plan on doing better ones soon. More coming soon. 🙂

Thanks to when they asked me to link their site for the Bullet Scans Isabella sent over I decided to do some editing to the scans make them more clearer and credit the photographer Grant Thomas for doing a awesome job on the shoot. So I added my edits to the gallery.

I also make a new wallpaper and a banner and added my colorization I did on Dane. Added a new article to the Interviews section you can find that on this page too.

[singlepic id=17 w=460 h=300 float=center]


Anna Wood Section
June 27, 2012

I started working on a small section for Anna, Dane’s soon to be wife. If I ever decide to fully build a site for her, I’ll let you know but since she and Dane have acted together in several movies: Chronicle, and other of Dane’s early projects I thought I would make a section on her too. Not a very big section but a portion.

New Photoshoot
June 13, 2012

Dane put up a new photo this one is from Bullett Magazine for the Sin Issue- Summer 2012, which is Bullet’s 4th Issue I believe. When I seen it, I loved it so after photo correcting the image a tad. I uploaded it to the gallery and created a new art creation on it. Hope you like it.

Gallery Update
June 10, 2012

Yesterday I updated some of the pics in the gallery so far, from what I could find I think the gallery is up to date. About the only thing I am missing right now is Screen Captures from Amigo. If you feel anything else needs to be added here feel free to let me know by leaving a comment.

Here’s a few icons I did and here you can view the colorized portrait i did of Dane during his VMAN Photoshoot.


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